Wednesday, August 27, 2008

supras VS. DR.Martins

Well I have been craving the Supras [Skyhigh or Suprano High] in white. But lately my crave for them has faded away. My new craving is Doc.Martins! Yes " the 1990's punk/grundge boots". I don't want them super high, I want the 8 eye ones. In black, I like the bright color ones too but for some reason i just want the all black ones...for now and if you think about it the Doc.Martins are alot cooler for fall and they are less money than the Supras. haha. Tell me what you guys think!!

these are the Supras i wanted:


Suprano High

they both are $109.00

and these are the Doc Martins:

the ones i want

They are $99.00

this is just an outfit i found to show you guys what they look like on [ i could'nt find a pic with a guy in them but of well ]


....tell me what you think!

-Josh [Fashion Junkies]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

get the DR.MARTIN'S!!!!!!!!!!

supras are so out of style!!