Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a little bit sad at the moment....

Well for those of you who did not know, today was my birthday. So of course I went to Disney Land

well long story short, at the end of the day I found this Tarina Tarantino ring from her " Queen Alice" collection. The ring was $55 buck and I was just about to pay for it... but for some sort of reason I asked, " is the ring stealing silver? " and the chick's answer was " no" I said " no?????"
"she said yeah, no." So I don't know about you but, I wasn't about to pay 55 bucks for a ring that
is going to turn my finger bright green.

( by the way, I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan so...yeah. )

Here is the ring I was going to get, but sadly didn't.


Since I wanted it so bad I came home and looked for cheaper/cuter ones online.....
I found one, that I love alot. It's $28 bucks.


Please tell me what should I do!!!!




Steph Annie said...

I think that you should get the Alice ring instead of the rabbit one. Its cheaper, and I think its cuter too. :]

I want this now...

ciggy said...

I love that alice ring!